Advanced Group Leadership

Following on from The Foundations of Facilitation we offer an eight month on-going training programme, Advanced Group Leadership. This programme begins with the three day course People, Systems and Change, followed by a series of monthly meetings that allow consolidation of practice and learning. The programme culminates with a four day course, Group Dynamics and Leadership. This final course further develops participants’ capacity and functioning with groups, and enables them to produce effective relationships and outcomes in those groups with which they interact.

Advanced Group Leadership has been running in Auckland as an ongoing programme in recent years, and begins again in Auckland in 2016. People, Systems and Change will run in Wellington in 2016 as a separate course – dates to be confirmed.

FIRST COURSE in the Advanced Group Leadership programme: People, Systems and Change

This course looks closely at the role of facilitators within organisational contexts. Organisations of all types are made up of people who exist and work together. They form a system of human relationships and it is this system through which results are achieved. Human relationships are not walled off within organisations. Rather, relationship networks permeate organisational boundaries and thus organisations are themselves aspects of a larger social system.

People, Systems and Change explores the relationship of the individual to the system and how to create collaborative and collegial relationships. It provides the tool kit and mental models to undertake systemic diagnosis, intervention design and change planning.

After this course as a facilitator you will:

  • Experience organisations as living systems.
  • Identify subgroups and enable linking and integration of subgroups to the wider system.
  • Be able to diagnose limits to organisational functioning and design interventions to address these limits.
  • Develop a structural analysis of organisations, including an awareness of the effects of different organisational forms on the experience of the people.
  • Increase your ability to intervene flexibly to produce change in systems.
  • Appreciate and interact with the forces present in an organisational system and intervene to influence and affect these forces.

SECOND COURSE in the Advanced Group Leadership programme: Group Dynamics and Leadership

This is an intensive professional and personal skill development training course. The goal of this programme is to assist the participants to develop the capacity to work with group participants in the present moment, paying attention to the natural rhythms of the group to generate effectiveness, and personal authority.

While we humans observe and count separate selves, and pay a great deal of attention of the differences that seem to divide us, in fact we survive only as we learn how to participate in a web of relationships. – Margaret Wheatley, Leadership and the New Science

This course examines role development and theory, and how it relates to facilitation. It develops participants’ capacity and functioning with groups, and enables them to produce effective relationships and outcomes in those groups with which they interact.

After this course as a facilitator you will:

  • Work with increasing degrees of freedom and authenticity while facilitating.
  • Be able to diagnose group dynamics to identify areas for development or change.
  • Be able to alter group dynamics to enable the group to move past limiting behaviour and achieve what it is committed to.
  • Be able to develop and maintain mutual relationships moment to moment as they develop, including creating change in dysfunctional relationship dynamics.
  • Be able to identify and address effective and ineffective use of positional power within organisations.
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Cost: $5,950 including GST
(includes two block courses, one 3 days in length, the other 4 days in length, and four half-day monthly meetings):

Next Auckland course: running May to November 2017

Next Wellington course:  tbc



AUCKLAND COURSES – Hamish Brown – 021 275 4757

WELLINGTON COURSE – Marilyn Hunt- 027 232 4203