Does your organisation need people who lead effectively during times of complexity and change?

Facilitation & Leadership Training | Phoenix Facilitation
Welcome to Phoenix Facilitation. We develop people’s ability to relate to each other and the wider system to enable them to lead effectively in groups and organisations. We provide facilitation, consulting, coaching, mediation, training and development. Our approach is grounded in a robust theory of organisations as social systems.
We offer three in-depth facilitation training courses that enables you and your colleagues to improve productivity.
Phoenix Facilitation supports leaders with tailored short courses, and with coaching and mentoring.

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What We Do

Individual Development

Through training, coaching, mentoring, and supervision

Team And Organisational Development

Through training, consulting, facilitation, mentoring and mediation

Process Facilitation

Through facilitation, process consulting and training

Leaders In Groups

connected / strategic / effective

Unfolding Potential

create the change

How We Work

What Makes Us Different

What differentiates us is our ability to work from the inside out while holding the strategic context in focus.

While our approach is specific and personal, it is also anchored within your organisational context and is therefore effective and enduring.

We work by invitation, in partnership. When you engage us, we will work closely with you to appreciate the challenges you face

What Our Clients Say