bios-associates-phoenix-facilitationI am a facilitator and researcher focusing particularly on supporting health and education processes. I work with a wide range of groups and with wider social processes .

My background is in education – teaching outdoor pursuits, in primary schools and as a school principal. The principles that underpinned my approach to education are very much aligned with facilitation – creating a process through which people can grow and develop as individuals, groups and learning communities to contribute more effectively to the world around them.

The values that I bring to my work are based on integrity and valuing the contributions of everyone involved. I firmly believe that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ and that working together towards a shared vision is the way to create a better future.

I enjoy co-facilitation and the opportunities this provides by combining different skills, approaches and experience to enhance group outcomes. I have had experience of this in a range of long term and one-off facilitation contracts. Working on my own, I have provided workshops, training and strategic planning sessions for government agencies, local government, NGO’s, the private sector and for a range of inter-sectoral projects.

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I am a teacher educator, facilitator and trainer. Projects include strategic planning, project evaluation and professional development which generates specific and enhancing relationship skills leading to sustainable work and life partnerships, the transformation of conflict, coaching and facilitation skills.

I have worked in both primary and early childhood pre-service teacher education at the University of Canterbury, College of Education and Auckland University of Technology School of Education. I graduated in 2009 with an M.Ed Honours in Adult Learning (UTAS). In 2003 I gained a Zenergy Diploma of Facilitation and became an independent contractor working with community and educational organisations.

I have a strong commitment to partnership, generating an environment where people can bring their whole selves to their learning, development and their workplace. As a student of mindfulness, I am committed to providing a context for people to explore the intersection between soul and role, the relationship between their personal, professional and spiritual lives and through that inquiry strengthen their capacity to be present in their work.

I have facilitated programmes with Victim Support, North Shore City Council, Auckland Regional Migrant Services, University of Canterbury Career Services and Select Education. I have also facilitated within numerous leadership roles – some of which include the University of Canterbury College of Education, Alzheimer’s Canterbury and recently co-convening an Australasian Facilitators Network Conference in 2009.

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I am a facilitator/mediator specializing in harassment and bullying in workplaces. This also includes working with teams in conflict and investigating complaints.

My background includes 13 years in violence prevention work and I have a Diploma in Facilitation and am a student of psychodrama, sociodrama, role training and process oriented psychology

I value dignity and respectful working relationships. I especially value the energy that functional teams can generate. My work involves coaching and training managers as well as working with teams to resolve issues and develop trust.

I have worked with governmental and non-governmental organisations throughout New Zealand in the last two years and am the author of two books. I am currently based in Auckland.
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