Marilyn Hunt

Marilyn has worked as a facilitator, trainer and consultant since 2000. She has extensive experience in training in people in facilitation skills, and also works as a one-to-one coach and workplace supervisor with clients from a variety of backgrounds. She has designed and delivered in-house training programmes for long-term projects with durations ranging from one to three years and uses her extensive background in project management, project planning and business process analysis to support this work.

What Marilyn enjoys most about facilitating groups is helping people achieve the outcomes they are looking for, and exploring and strengthening their working relationships in the process. She is noted for her ability to bring together the threads of a group conversation, and devising and using action-oriented processes to help the group achieve its purpose in an engaging manner. She brings an awareness of system-wide implications when working with groups and organisations.

Marilyn holds degrees in Public Administration (BCA) and English Literature (BA) from Victoria University. Marilyn graduated with a post-graduate Diploma in Education and Professional Development also from Victoria University in early 2011, and a Certificate in Supervision in June 2011. She is a psychodrama trainee, specialising in sociometry and an associate member of the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association.

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