Tanya Mogg

Tanya has worked independently as a professional group facilitator, coach and organisational consultant since 2000. Her work as a facilitator covers a broad range from strategic planning at a process based end of the continuum to working solely with the interpersonal dynamics in teams to support them to develop a cohesive, high-performing team dynamic at the other.

Prior to that Tanya worked in both consulting and corporate roles in the broader area of organisational development across the public & private sector. During this time she worked primarily in the areas of leadership development, group development and culture change initiatives.

Her interest is in supporting people, teams and organisations to develop new capabilities and ways of working together in a way that is satisfying and progressive.

Tanya has degrees in Psychology (BA) and Management Studies (MCom) from Auckland University and a Diploma in Facilitation & Coaching from Zenergy. She is currently a psychodrama trainee.

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