Facilitation Training

Become a team member who brings excellent leadership qualities to their team, a truly effective business analyst, a facilitative manager, a great team leader, an empowering project manager, or a professional facilitator. Extend your skills in organisational development and learning, and improve your abilities in working in groups and teams.

Phoenix Facilitation offers in-depth facilitation skills training that enables you and your colleagues to improve productivity in any group situation. We offer three levels of facilitation skills training as workshop programmes and our graduates are supported in their professional development by formal mentoring and supervision of professional practice.

The Foundations of Facilitation

This three day programme provides an understanding of the theory and processes of facilitation skills to improve how groups you are involved with work together.

People, Systems and Change

In this programme participants develop the perception and skills associated with intervening in to create change in social systems including organisations.

Collaborative Leadership

This programme  includes People, Systems and Change and a further course  Group Dynamics and Leadership, and is for those committed to developing leadership in themselves and others.

Facilitators assist

organisations through bringing People, Process and Purpose together.

Facilitation produces

collaboration and action in groups by enhancing leadership skills and personal capacities.

Facilitators generate

social change through enabling dialogue across difference.

Facilitation brings

people together who hold divergent perspectives to achieve what they are collectively committed to.