Management Fundamentals

This programme gives new or developing managers the essential skills to managing people effectively and succeed in complex systems.

First, you learn about managing yourself. How to behave as a manager, authentically and uniquely you. Understand the distinctions between leadership and management. How to relate effectively to your boss, your team and your peers. Develop your skill kit of personal organisation.

Second, gain the essential tool kit for managing people. Master conversations with your people. Practice task assignment and delegation. Understand the difference between operating review and performance management and what to do in each. Gain skills in running group problem solving and distinguish how this relates to effective team meetings and other processes.

Third, learn to analyse both stratified and collaborative organisational systems and design interventions for their improvement. Relate your role to overall strategic direction and developing strategic and tactical responses at the team level. Learn about operational management managing quantity, quality, resources, time and managing information flows.

Managers are appointed and leaders recognised. Only with the essentials of management under your belt can your leadership potential be realised.

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