Great coaches create a relationship within which the client empowers themselves to generate what they are committed to.  Coaching creates environments where people enjoy accessing their creativity, and results occur because people love to succeed and express themselves.  When people get focused on what they are committed to, and have support to remove the blocks to achieving this, they become creative, think more deeply about what they are doing and care more deeply about the results of their actions.  

Phoenix’s coaching course enables participants to:

  • Get a framework and methodology for generating commitment and achieving superior performance.
  • Have developed a range of skills and capacities central to being an effective coach.
  • Be able to co-create a structure for high performance with the client.
  • Have acquired a number of practices and processes able to be immediately implemented in your own work.
  • Be effective at assisting the client to access their vision for living and specific purpose within this.
  • Be effective at assisting the client to change behaviour which limits their capacity to create what they want.
  • Be able to assist clients to develop more functional authentic relationships.
  • Be able to assist the client to identify areas of weakness and make realistic plans to engage others or develop more strength in these area.

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